At Anopura....

.Feel time pause at Anopura as you relax by the pool with a good book, listen to the birdsong, sipping a chilled drink or pamper yourselves with spa treatments under the shade of a pomelo tree or in the snug spa.

Set off for a guided hike in the Aravalli Hills , or climb the hotel’s hill at dusk and enjoy a cocktail or ice-cold beer as you watch the magnificent sunset. Walk to Ramgarh village with our ranger, all of whose grown up locally and end up enjoying a picnic just about anywhere.

Go on a tour of Anopura’s organic farm, learning about the plant cycles and vegetables that bloom here; stop for an unforgettable afternoon tea amid the farm.

Our Ranger also happens to be a great local cook, and can set up some bush cooking classes and fun for you. 

Those who wish to go for further exploration can head out for a jeep drive into uncharted territory with our members of staff.

Historical Sites - The 1,000-year-old Jamwa Ramgarh, a fort that was once was the ruling ground of the Kachwaha clan and The Unesco-listed Amer Fort