At Anopura....

... time seems to stand still; while away the day, relaxing by the pool, enjoy the bird song, sipping on a cocktail and reading a good book...

- Enjoy a massage under a pomelo tree or in our cosy spa. 

- walk in the Aravalli hill, with a guide, or self guided. 

- Climb our hill at dusk and enjoy a cocktail or chilled beer as you watch the glorious sunset

Leopard watching 

- don't make a sound as you watch and wait for a sighting of one of the local leopards. 

Walk to Anopura village with one of our dedicated staff, all of whom grew up locally. 

Take a tour of our organic farm, have afternoon tea in our newly planted lemon groves.  Learn about the plant cycles and marigold which are grown on our farm.


Take to the open roads - Ride the local roads on a classic Enfield.

Ride out on famous Mawari horses. 



Explore Rajasthan... 

Amber Fort - the UNESCO world heritage site is only 30km from Anopura and makes for a perfect day excursion.  Wander through the romantic citadel of the Maharajahs of Jaipur.  Learn the basics of elephant care at the Elephant stables in Amer village below the fort and visit Brigitte Singh's studio and the Anohki museum to learn everything about traditional Rajasthani block-printing.

Jaipur City - the famed pink city of Jaipur is within easy striking distance of Anopura, less than an hour's drive away.  Soak up the bustle, bazaars and beeping of the city and the amazing sites of the Jantar Mantar, Galta, City Palace and Hawa Mahal - then retreat back to the pollution free, peace and quiet of Anopura!