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Farm to Table


Anopura believes in the highest sustainability and is self sustained. Besides giving you the best of health, immunity and clean food, we also have revolutionized farming in this belt of beautiful countryside. Locals have been taught how to farm organically and the best practices have been introduced to them for them to prosper.

Gift yourself a vacation 'with care'



Anopura prides itself on its delicious home cooking, scrumptious salads and hugely varied menu - most produce is farm fresh, locally grown or sourced. Special dining and live pop up kitchens can be curated at the poolside or lawns. Must try - The Rajasthani Local Specialities, Junglee Aloo, One Pot Dal Banjara, Khud Maans, Junglee Maans, Chittor Paneer Padmini and The Royal Ramgarh Rain



Being so small yet so spacious and with so many potential dining / party venues within it, Anopura is the most perfect place for a small group of friends to take over in its entirety and yet with plenty of space to ask outsiders in. Entertainment easily arranged from nearby Jaipur.

Do connect with our Director of Ops for small events and parties.

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