The story of Anopura begins in 2010 with the opening of the smallest luxury hotel in the hotel in world.  The original two bedroomed vision was that of expatriate Belgian designer Phillippe de Villegas.  Anopura was envisaged as a place apart, beyond the humdrum cares and buzzing of the everyday world, where beauty, nature and the art of life are all that matter. 

As years passed, the baton passed from Philippe to Aditya Baheti, an art connoisseur, and a member of one of Jaipur's most well known families.  - a new chapter at Anopura had begun.  New Villas and a second swimming pool took form in newly planted gardens, bringing the number of suites up from two to six.  An organic farm and sixty acres of organic lemon groves were planted around Anopura, cocooning its magic ever more securely from the outside world. 


As Anopura celebrates its tenth birthday we look forward to welcoming all our guests into this oasis of calm, a world apart.

The story so far...

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