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Jaipur: bold, buzzing and bonkers. Anopura: cool, calm and collected. When you bed down at this six-room retreat in an emerald patch of Indian countryside, you’ll find it hard to believe that Rajasthan’s cultured capital is just an hour away. Here, the gardens bloom with marigolds, frangipani and roses, birds sing in the trees and lemon groves perfume the air with citrus. Days unwind languidly by the hotel’s sparkling pool, backdropped by sand-coloured mountains, and guests laze happily with books and ice-cold drinks in the tabaris (outdoor lounges) and under the welcome shade of the pomelo trees. Quiet, unobtrusive butlers keep this pocket of paradise ticking along nicely, and there’s a talented local chef on hand to rustle up breakfast, salads, curries and cooling desserts. - Smith Hotel Collection 


Anopura has been designed with dedication by its founder Aditya Baheti (for who the landscape 12 years ago, was love at first sight!) and an in house team of eccentric expatriate architects and local village artisans. The resort is looked after by a team of loyal local staff members who have now completed 12 years looking after our guests with love and care.

Anopura is a member of Mahout UK, Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotels and Secret Retreats.

Anopura oozes space and style; privacy and calm. A gentle place to come for days or weeks, to soothe the soul.

This is the perfect hideaway for those who like silence, nature and food - Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Anupama Chopra

This is one of my favorite places in the world. The accommodations are unbelievable, you literally have your own little compound complete with pool and outdoor dining/lounge area. - Jennifer H

The resort is remarkably well-maintained, the food is made from the resort's own fresh vegetables garden, and the rooms are beautiful. - British Globe Trotter

It's the most romantic and intimate time we have ever had. We didn't want to leave. We will definitely make a trip back to Anopura. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a slice of heaven on earth in India. - Gail P

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