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The Sanctuary Wellness & Skincare Studio


Ayurveda, deeply rooted in Hindu philosophy and spirituality, stands as one of the most ancient holistic healing systems, with a legacy spanning over 3000 years in India. It springs from a profound comprehension of the interconnectedness between the human body, mind, and spirit, underpinned by the Hindu concept of dharma (duty/righteousness) and the pursuit of moksha (liberation). Emphasizing the significance of equilibrium and harmony for overall wellness, Ayurveda integrates seamlessly with Hindu principles of balance and spiritual well-being.


At Anopura, our commitment to Ayurveda extends to the cultivation of our own flowers, herbs, and plants, which serve as the foundation for the oils and potions utilized in our wellness studio. Each meticulously crafted oil is considered nourishment for the skin, mirroring rural India’s reverence for nature's bounty and its healing properties. Our objective is to ensure that every treatment, whether it be a massage or beauty regimen, transcends mere physical indulgence to foster enduring wellness benefits, aligning with the holistic ethos of Ayurveda.


The Ayurvedic Spa program at Anopura transcends conventional hotel activities; it embodies purpose, devotion, and harmonizes seamlessly with our clean food program, detox drink menu, oxygen trail, and other wellness initiatives. Our practitioners discern the unique needs of each guest, tailoring the selection of oils, herbs, and massage techniques accordingly. These therapies, deeply rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom and Hindu spirituality, are not merely for relaxation but are therapeutic rituals aimed at rebalancing the doshas, addressing specific health concerns, and fostering overall well-being.

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