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Food & Drink


The Farmstead & Cherry's Bar 

Restaurant | Open Terrace | Communal Dining   

Cattle Ranch - Rustic Private Dining 

The Tree Pavilion

 Tibari - Private Dining

At Anopura, we take great joy in creating a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary. 


Our delightful farm to table meals, tempting salads, and a seasonal daily menu reflect our commitment to culinary excellence, all while keeping things down-to-earth. We embrace the farm-to-table philosophy, proudly featuring the freshest produce sourced right from our own farm, on which The Farmstead restaurant is located. Other local farms around the area contribute to some of our produce also in our commitment to serve the community. 


Join us for a dining experience where we keep it real with special arrangements and live pop-up kitchens, nestled against the serene backdrop of the hills and the farms. 


Breakfast consists of nutrition and healthy farm and dairy produce, lunch is handpicked salads, farm style European specialties, pastas and puddings. 


Dinner is a regional slow cooked seasonal menu, that includes Rajasthani Local Specialties, the simple yet delightful wood fire cooked Junglee Aloo, the comforting One Pot Dal Banjara, the hearty Ramgarh Country Chicken, the locally inspired Laal Maans, Poppadum curry, Chittor Paneer Padmini and an array of seasonal vegetables cooked exactly like they are in every neighbouring village. 


At Anopura, we warmly invite you to share in a culinary journey that not only satisfies your palate but also honors the diverse flavors of our region, all in a sustainable and humble manner.


Head Chef Bhagwan Ji that translated to Chef God, has been with us for 10 years and meticulously plans out every seasonal menu.

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